Rihanna’s Super Bowl Half Time show is just under two weeks away, and the countdown has begun with Adam Blackstone returning as the show’s musical director.

In an ABC interview, Blackstone gave some insight into his discussions with Rihanna and how she wants the show to run off.

“The story that she wants to tell is just ‘let’s be epic, let’s let this be a moment in time that people will never have had seen or heard before,” the musician said.

Blackstone also spoke about the preparation of the show, which will require a lot of rehearsing to ensure that the production is within the timeframe. The show is expected to last around 13 minutes.

As for deciding what possible collaborations Rihanna will include, Blackstone said it’s not as easy as some fans speculate, as the Grammy-winning artist has a large catalog of number-one songs.

Blackstone is being supported by British director Hamish Hamilton who has been working with the Super Bowl Half Time show production since 2010, director Jesse Collins and Roc Nation under the direction of Jay-Z, who is named the NFL’s Live Music Entertainment Strategist.

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