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06:00 AMSign On / National Anthem06:00 AMSign On / National Anthem06:00 AMSign On / National Anthem06:00 AMSign On / National Anthem06:00 AMSign On / National Anthem06:00 AMSign On / National Anthem06:00 AMSign On / National Anthem
06:05 AMMorning Meditations06:05 AMMorning Meditations06:05 AMMorning Meditations06:05 AMMorning Meditations06:05 AMMorning Meditations06:02 AMMorning Prayer06:02 AMLift Him UP Gospel Programme
06:50 AMHealth Word06:50 AMHealth Word07: 00 AMMorning News06:50 AMHealth Word07:00 AMMorning News06:05 AMDay Break Devotion07:15 AMCaribbean Connection News
07: 00 AMMorning News07:00 AMMorning News07:20 AMSolutions07: 00 AMMorning News07:20 AMSolutionsThought For The Day07:30 AMWeather News
07:20 AMSolutions07:20 AMSolutions07:30 AMWeather Report07:20 AMSolutions07:30 AMWeather Report06:08 AMSunrise Gospel09:00 AMMethodist Church Service
07:30 AMWeather Report07:30 AMWeather Report07:35 AMDigicel Power Play07:30 AMWeather Report07:35 AMDigicel Power Play06:15 AMReligious Broadcast09:30 AM
07:35 AMDigicel Power Play07:35 AMDigicel Power Play07:40 AMNostalgia07:35 AMDigicel Power Play07:40 AMNostalgia07:00 AM10:00 AM
07:40 AMNostalgia07:40 AMNostalgia07:50 AMCWSA Water Tips07:40 AMNostalgia07:50 AMCWSA Water Tips07:20 AM10:30 AMIssue At Hand
07:50 AMCWSA Water Tips07:50 AMCWSA Water Tips07:52 AMFrank Dasilva’s Views07:50 AMCWSA Water Tips07:52 AMFrank Dasilva’s Views07:30 AMWeather News12 NOON
07:52 AMFrank Dasilva’s Views07:52 AMFrank Dasilva’s Views8 – 9 AMMorning Show07:52 AMFrank Dasilva’s Views8 – 9 AMMorning Show07:35 AM12:55 PM
8 – 9 AMMorning Show Interactive8 – 9 AMMorning Show Interactive08:20 AMECCB Currency Exchange Rates8 – 9 AMMorning Show08:20 AMECCB Currency Exchange Rates07:40 AM01:00 AM
08:20 AMECCB Currency Exchange Rates08:20 AMECCB Currency Exchange Rates08:25 AMLotto Results08:20 AMECCB Currency Exchange Rates08:25 AMLotto Results07:45 AM01:15 PM
08:25 AMLotto Results08:25 AMLotto Results08:30 AMMoney Matters08:25 AMLotto Results08:30 AMMoney Matters07:50 AM01:30 PMEscape for thy Life
08:30 AMMoney Matters08:30 AMMoney Matters08:30 AMLet’s Talk Insurance (First And Last Wednesdays Each Month)08:30 AMMoney Matters09:30 AMCommunity Dateline07:52 AM02:00 PMChildren’s Radio Bible Club
09:30 AMCommunity Dateline09:30 AMCommunity DatelineCWSA 1/2 Hour Programme (Second And Third Wednesdays Each Month)09:30 AMCommunity Dateline09:45 AMWE Classifieds8 – 9 AM02:30 PM
10:00 AMWE News In Brief10:00 AMWE News In Brief09:30 AMCommunity Dateline09:30 AMNational Lottories Authory 1/2 Hour Special10:00AMWE News In Brief08:20 AM03:00 PMSunday Classics
10:05 AMShake Up – (call-in prog.)10:05 AMShake Up – (call-in prog.)09:45 AMWE Classifieds09:45 AMWE Classifieds10:05 AMShake Up – (call-in prog.)09:30 AM04:00 PM
12 NOONMidday News Headlines12 NOONMidday News Headlines10:00 AMWE News In Brief10:00 AMWE News In Brief12 NOONMidday News Headlines10:00 AM05:00 PM
12:15 PMMidday News12:15 PMMidday News10:00 AMShake Up – (call-in prog.)10:05 AMShake Up – (call-in prog.)12:15 PMMidday News10:30 AM06:00 PMSunday Cruise
12:30 PMView Point12:30 PMView Point12 NOONMID DAY NEWS HEADLINES12 NOONMidday News Headlines12:30 PMView Point12 NOON07:00 PM
12:45 PMObituaries12:45 PMObituaries12:15 PMMidday News12:15 PMMidday News12:45 PMObituaries12:15 PM08:00 PM
12:55 PMWeather Outlook12:55 PMWeather Outlook12:30 PMView Point12:30 PMView Point12:55 PMWeather Outlook12:30 PM10:00 PMStation Automation
01:00 PMShake Up – (call-in prog.)01:00 PMShake Up – (call-in prog.)12:45 PMObituaries12:45 PMObituaries01:00 PMShake Up – (call-in prog.)12:45 PM
02:00 PMAfternoon Drive Time02:00 PMAfternoon Drive Time12:55 PMWeather Outlook12:55 PMWeather Outlook02:00 PMAfternoon Drive Time12:55 PM
02:30 PMEntertainment News02:30 PMEntertainment News01:00 PMShake Up – (call-in prog.)01:00 PMShake Up – (call-in prog.)02:30 PMEntertainment News01:00 AM
02:45 PMNews @3 Headlines02:45 PMNEWS @3 Headlines02:00 PMAfternoon Drive Time02:00 PMWE Classifieds02:45 PMNews @3 Headlines01:15 PM
03:00 PMNews @303:00 PMNews @302:30 PMEntertainment News02:00 PMAfternoon Drive Time03:00 PMNews @301:30 PM
04:00 PMDigicel Power Play04:00 PMDigicel Power Play02:45 PMNEWS @3 Headlines02:30 PMEntertainment News04:00 PMDigicel Power Play02:00 PM
04:45 PMSports News04:45 PMSports News03:00 PMNews @302:45 PMNews @3 Headlines04:45 PMSports News02:30 PM
05:00 PMCommunity Dateline05:00 PMCommunity Dateline04:00 PMDigicel Power Play03:00 PMNews @305:00 PMCommunity Dateline02:45 PM
05:15 PMEvening News Headlines05:15 PMEvening News Headlines04:45 PMSports News04:00 PMDigicel Power Play05:15 PMEvening News Headlines03:00 PM
05:30 PMEvening News05:30 PMEvening News05:00 PMCommunity Dateline04:45 PMSports News05:30 PMEvening News04:00 PMLog Enterprises Special
05:55 PMView Point ( Repeat)05:55 PMView Point ( Repeat)05:15 PMEvening News Headlines05:00 PMCommunity Dateline05:55 PMView Point ( Repeat)04:45 PM
06:00 PMEvening Shade  06:00 PMScriptural Search05:30 PMEvening News05:15 PMEvening News Headlines06:00 – 07:00 PMLog Enterprises Special05:00 PM
08:00 PMKalypso College Hosted By Stephen Huggins07:00 PMEvening Shade05:55 PMView Point ( Repeat)05:30 PMEvening News10:00 PMStation Automation05:15 PM
10:00 PMStation Automation07:30 – 9:00 PMThe Moment Of Hope Hosted By Annesia Baptiste06:00 PMSmoothe Groove05:55 PMView Point ( Repeat)05:30 PM
10:00 PMStation Automation9:00 – 10:00 PMFULL AND ABUNDANT LIFE RADIO PROGRAMME BY: DR. CLAUDIUS DAVIS06:00 PMEvening Shade05:55 PM
10:00 PMStation Automation08:00 PMWE Tent Hosted By Noel “N.J” Jackson06:00 PMCaribbean Connection News
09:00 PMThe Gospel Train Hosted By Winfield Cumberbatch07:00 PMReggae Blast
10:00 PMStation Automation08:00 PM
10:00 PMStation Automation