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 Julius Alexander Williams. Hey, that name is way too formal, and complicated for the man we’re talking about here. ‘Jules’ will do…always. He’s not the ordinary man.

At the helm of WE FM, Jules has a most unorthodox management style. He oversees, seemingly, from the sidelines; and trusts his staff to get the job done without interference.

Jules believes “you get more out of people if they’re comfortable”. He invests in young full-time employees, allowing them to come into their own, molding their own identities, free from the influences of older models in the industry. “Don’t sound like anybody else. WEFM was not created to be an imitation.” That’s Jules talking.

The man is practical and assertive, perhaps dogmatic at times. What the workers at WEFM like most about their boss is that he is approachable. He truly listens. Mind you, Jules won’t hesitate to let you know you’re talking crap. But then again he’s wont mind if you reciprocate. Did we mention he was extraordinary?

His staff loves him. He’s funny, jovial and easy-going, yet beneath that relaxed demeanor is a shrewd businessman. Jules hates being the underdog, hence he’s ambitious and relentless in his pursuits. He’s nothing short of an electronic wizard, has always had a knack for the ‘technical’. By age ten, he had built his first radio. Jules Williams has utilized his solid electronic background to ace the rest of the field in radio.

WE FM offers the widest coverage, and does so on a single frequency, 99.9. WE FM is the child company of Williams Electronics, of which Jules is also Managing Director. Making music has also been a relaxant for Jules, and playing the keyboard to past-time after work led to the establishment of arguably the best band ever in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

From 1986 the band Touch dominated the music scene for about a decade, with Jules as Manager and Sound Engineer. Remember his quest for excellence? Jules will boast that Touch has never lost a Road March Competition. Face it; the man’s a winner!


A former Teacher and Hotel Manager joined We FM a couple months after its inception in 1997.

Miss Defreitas is a Director and the Operations Manager of We FM.

Putting it mildly, she is the axis around which everything else revolves at the station.

Her even temper and sobering demeanor endears her to the rest of the staff.

Miss Defreitas interfaces regularly with all functionaries at the Company.


Naressa Bostwick joined WeFM in January 2011. She was born and raised in Guyana, then moved to St. Vincent in her early teens. She is a past student of the Dr. J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary School and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Division of Arts Science and General Studies.

As the Administrative Assistant, she assists in the day to day operations of the business. In her spare time Naressa enjoys reading and gardening.

Naressa also enjoys reading the news.

([email protected])


Kheron is a very talented young man who plays the pan and keyboard. He attended the St.Vincent Grammar School and then the St.Vincent and The Grenadines Community College Division of Technical and Vocational Education.

He joined the WEFM staff in 2013. He is the Production Manager/IT Personnel. He enjoys playing football in his spare time.

Kheron enjoys all genres of music and he believes that there is music to fit every occasion.

He hopes to become an IT Technician as he wants to pursue his studies in that field. ([email protected])


Lindel Matthews, affectionately known as “DJ Maka” hails from Campden Park and is no stranger to Radio and has the appreciation and love for all genres of music.

He is not just cool and collective but is a big fan of sports.

Outside of work DJ Maka enjoys entertaining his fans at various functions like parties and weddings.

Saturdays for Reggae Blast from 7 pm to 10 pm.

DJ Maka Enjoys meeting his fans.

Maka also enjoys being on radio.


Rajiv Providence joined the WeFM family in February of 2020 and considers the office of WEFM his home away from home. He attended the Thomas Saunders Secondary School and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Division of Arts Science and General Studies. His love for reading at a young age has proven to benefit him at the station in his capacity as Senior News Editor.

In his spare time, he enjoys sharing a good laugh with friends and family.

You can get yourself up to speed on the latest in local, regional, international and sports news with Rajiv during the Midday, 3 PM or Evening News.


Christal Oliver is a radio broadcaster who joined the WeFM family in October 2022. She hosts the Activated Mornings Programme from 8:00AM to 9:45AM.

She is also an MC and seamstress and recently received certificates in Garment Construction levels 1 and 2 and Tailoring level 1 from the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus Trinidad and Tobago and Public Speaking at UWI Open Campus Dominica.

Her career in media and communication began in 2017 and continues to present.

Since becoming a mother in 2020 she has had to leave behind serving on the executives for two separate steel pan organizations. Although motherhood presented many challenges and changes, she still finds time for gardening, going to karaoke and a little bit of exploring her home country St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


Jelisa Jessica Klein’s journey with the WEFM family began on the 13th December 2021. She is a former student of the Georgetown Secondary school who furthered her skill set  in a level 1 Furniture Course with the KTI Technical Institute.

Jessica is the Assistant News Editor at the WEFM Broadcasting Station. During her off time from the station, Jessica runs an entrepreneurial business ‘Euphrosyne the Brand’ and also participates in promotional jobs from time to time.

Ms. Klein, a mother of one is a lover for all things progressive and growth inflicting.

Her hobbies are hiking, recreational adventures, corresponding and working with children, baking, learning new things and reading.


Kamall Archibald is more than just your typical man on radio with a sweet soothing sounding voice.

He’s also a musician, music producer a lover of different genre of music and loves to interact with his audience.

He’s no stranger to radio but Joined the WEFM family in 2009 as a part time announcer.

You can hear his voice Monday – Wednesday from 6pm – 10pm,

Sundays from 3pm – 6pm,

On the Station’s popular and Favorite widely Listened program “Sunday Classic”.


Colin Richards; popularly known as DJ Richie originally from the island of Soca and pan, Trinidad and Tobago, now residing in the village of Belmont.

Being a disc jockey (DJ) has always been a lifelong goal. DJ Richie was given the opportunity to pursue his goal through joining the WEFM team in June of 2021, operating as an announcer.

DJ Richie attended the Emmanuel High School and the SVG Technical College where he accumulated and groomed his skills of becoming a disc jockey.

Being a DJ allows him to express his love for music to a wide range of persons, all in one place.

DJ Richie enjoys playing Street Cricket and also Swimming in his free time.


Ari A. Shaw brings a wealth of journalistic expertise and cultural insight to the vibrant airwaves of WE FM Radio. A seasoned professional with nine years of experience, Ari is not only a Radio Announcer but also a dynamic Public Relations Officer and skilled Event Coordinator.

Educated at the prestigious St. Vincent Grammar School, Ari’s journey in media began with a solid foundation in social sciences at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. He further honed his skills at Searchlight Newspaper then later at the National ChengChi University in Taipei, Taiwan, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Media & Culture.

Ari’s commitment to the field is demonstrated through a rich tapestry of experiences. His proficiency extends to new and traditional media, showcasing his versatility in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

Last September marked a new chapter in Ari’s career as he took on the role of Radio Announcer at WE FM Broadcasting & Recording Studio in Questelles, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Hosting the Activated Mornings program, Ari brings a fresh and engaging perspective to his audience. His ability to propose innovative program ideas, line up captivating guests, and maintain an active social media presence has made his show a staple for morning listeners.


Roleza Samuel, though small in size is big in personality. She is the holder of a BSc. in Management Studies, with a minor in International Relations.

She has held both administrative and managerial positions during her previous working career. Presently, Roleza is employed as a part-time announcer on the Activated Morning programme here at WeFM while being self-employed and running her own business.

Roleza has always had an interest in radio broadcasting. Her love of music and engaging in topical and mentally stimulating conversations has allowed her to fit right in with the listening audience of WeFM.

Although her business keeps her very busy, during her downtime, Roleza enjoys looking at criminal shows and biographies. She also enjoys being crafty and engaging in home projects.