Reggae sensation Koffee has cleared the air, stating that she is not a Rastafarian and eats all kinds of meat.

During a recent interview in Barbados the Jamaican, when asked about her diet.

“I’m not Rastafari but yeah. I basically eat whatever I feel like I would eat. I’m not opposed to any meal,” she said.

However, the “Lockdown” singer said that she would not be opposed to try veganism at some point in the future.

According to the singer, she has tried to be a pescatarian in the past, which means she had a seafood and vegetarian diet. However, the singer says, “It’s going downhill” now as she basically eats all meats. Well, with her mom in the kitchen this Christmas, who could blame her?

Koffee also talked music during the interview, sharing plans that she intends to release her sophomore album soon, although she said she was not read to disclose a date.

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