J. Cole’s management is refuting claims that he charged Chicago rapper Lil Durk a substantial fee to appear on his song “All My Life.”

Earlier this week, RapHouse claimed that the rapper charged Lil Durk $2000 a word for the verse, raising eyebrows at J. Cole’s way of operating.

“Lil Durk reportedly paid J. Cole $978K for his ‘All My Life’ verse. Counting 489 words Cole spat Cole reportedly charges $2K per word for the feature,” the post claimed.

However, on Tuesday, both Lil Durk and J. Cole’s teams denied that the Dreamville rapper charged Durk.

J. Cole’s manager, Ibrahim Hamad, who is also Dreamville Records co-founder, said the claim is “cap” as he responded to the original post with the claim.

Lil Durk’s DJ also reacted to the report, writing, “False news we ain’t never paid for a feature… Ever!”

It seems that the post was based on a line from Cole’s verse which said, “A verse from me is like eleven birds/ I did the math it’s like $2,000 every word.”

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