Guyana has embarked on a series of sensitisation programmes on the Guyana-Venezuela border controversy with its citizens as the CARICOM nation stands in defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.  

On Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will hand down its Order on Guyana’s request for “the indication of provisional measures” aimed at preventing Venezuela from holding a referendum over the ownership of the Essequibo.   

According to Loop News, in the buildup to this, Guyanese have been making it clear that the Essequibo belongs to Guyana with Government ministers and organisations making definitive statements and slogans, with ‘Essequibo belongs to Guyana’ plastered and shared everywhere. 

In an interview on Tuesday with a radio programme in Antigua, Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, said the Guyana government is worried about the nature of the referendum which in itself wants Venezuela to vote to excite passions in Venzuelans on the issue.  

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