China’s Ambassador to Guyana, Guo(gwo) Haiyan, says a documentary by a US-based media outlet, VICE News is intended to smear relations between the Beijing and Georgetown and that trade between the two countries has grown by 213 per cent over the past five years, reaching US$710 million in 2021.

 “We saw the video come out. This so-called journalist, undercover journalist that came with a predetermined agenda, the purpose is clear, one of their purposes was to smear the Chinese companies here and attack the China-Guyana cooperation,” Haiyan said, going on to say that “it’s quite clear that it was edited with a malicious purpose”.

Guyana’s two main opposition parties have called for an independent international criminal investigation after Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo on Sunday fended off fresh allegations that he had taken bribes from Chinese investors.

Jagdeo has already indicated that he intends to take legal action against Guyana-based Chinese businessman, Su Zhi Rong for sullying his name and engaging in extortion.

Taiwan National Day Celebration


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