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Armenia offers peace treaty project to Azerbaijan

Armenia has presented Azerbaijan with a project for a full peace treaty to end the decades-long dispute over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol...

Nicola Sturgeon says time is right to resign as Scotland’s first minister

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that she is resigning as Scotland's first minister after more than eight years in the role. The Scottish National Party leader...

Philippine Government lodges diplomatic protest against China

The Philippine government has lodged a diplomatic protest, calling on China to ensure its vessels cease “aggressive activities” after the Chinese coastguard used a...

Mystery surrounds objects shot down by US military

The US military is unsure what three flying objects it shot out of the skies over North America were - and how they were...

Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll surpasses 17,000

The plight of hundreds of thousands of people left homeless by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria grew more desperate on Thursday, while hopes faded...

Biden escalates US-China tensions during State of the Union address

President of the United States Joe Biden has warned that he will protect America against Chinese threats to its sovereignty and singled out China’s President Xi...

Death toll passes 5,000 following Turkey/Syria earthquake

Rescuers struggled to dig people out of debris today Tuesday February 7th in a "race against time" as the death toll from an earthquake...

Israeli forces kill five Palestinians in Jericho raid

Israeli forces have shot dead at least five Palestinian men during a raid on Jericho in the eastern occupied West Bank. Al Jazeera reports that...

Kenyan policemen given decades-long sentences for murder of lawyer

A Kenyan court on Friday handed decades-long prison sentences to three police officers and their civilian informant for the 2016 murder of human rights...

US secures four additional military bases in the Philippines

The United States of America has secured access to four additional military bases in the Philippines - a key bit of real estate which...
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