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US passes plan to provide billions in military aid to Israel

The United States House of Representatives has passed a Republican plan providing $14.5bn in military aid for Israel, setting up a partisan clash over...

242 hostages taken by Hamas Israel says

Israel says that over 240 hostages have been taken by political and military organization Hamas. In the daily IDF briefing, spokesman Daniel Hagari says the...

EU Foreign Affairs Chief appalled by Israeli attack on refugee camp

The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Chief Josep Borrell says that he is appalled by Israel’s attack on the Jabalia refugee camp. “Building on EU Council’s...

United Nations strongly disapproves of conditions in Gaza

The United Nations has expressed strong disapproval of child casualties and the conditions in Gaza amid the Israel-Hamas war. The Chief of the United Nations...

US troops will not fight in Israel-Hamas war says Harris

Vice President of the United States of America Kamala Harris says that no US troops will fight in the Israel-Hamas war. Speaking in an interview...

Israel-Hamas war could spread beyond the middle east Putin says

Israel’s war against Hamas could spread well beyond the Middle East, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin says. The Russian president, who has been leading an all-out...

Gaza needed millions in aid before Isreal-Hamas war says UN

Gaza was already in need of millions of dollars of aids before the start of Israel-Hamas war. This aid, according to the United Nations was...

US calls for delay of Israel’s Gaza ground invasion

The United States of America has called on Israel to delay its ground invasion of the Gaza strip. This comes as reports say that hundreds...

US bases in Iraq faces increased attacks as Israel-Hamas war threatens to spillover

United States military forces are seeing an increase in attacks on its military bases in Syria and Iraq, as the Israel-Hamas war threatens to...

Russia warns of expansion of Gaza war

Russia has warned that there is a real risk of the current Gaza crisis escalating into a region-wide conflict. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed...
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