Cardi B again came out victorious in her ongoing defamation case with a blogger.

A Federal Appeals Court in Atlanta has affirmed a trial court ruling and a $4 million defamation verdict against YouTuber Tasha K on Tuesday.

Tasha K had sought the appeals court adjudication to vacate the judgement, which was handed down after she was found liable for defamation regarding statements made about the Bronx rappers, which included damaging statements about drugs, STDS, and claims about prostitution.

A stubborn Tasha K has been using legal means to delay paying over the $4 million judgment to the rapper, and in her appeal case, she argued that Cardi B’s superstar influence caused the case to lean in her favor.

The Appeals Court released a five-page judgment responding to the YouTuber’s claim that there was a “very lopsided presentation of evidence to the jury,” noting that Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, failed to adequately defend her case.

“Defendant Latasha Kebe asks for a new trial, saying that there was insufficient evidence for the jury verdict against her,” the appeals court wrote. “But as she all but admits, she didn’t make either of the required post-verdict motions in the district court,” the court said.

The court also responded to arguments that the trial judge did not allow evidence that might have helped Tasha’s case.

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