The Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre (BCHC) has welcomed the publication of the island’s first national plan to combat cancer through prevention, early detection and treatment, describing it as a “significant advancement in Bermuda’s healthcare landscape”.

A BCHC spokeswoman said that embracing this plan propels Bermuda towards a brighter future, characterised by enhanced quality of life and a reduction in the toll taken by cancer.

Cancer accounts for about one third of all deaths on the island and BCHC medical director and clinical oncologist, Dr Chris Fosker, welcomed the National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP) for 2024-30.

The plan was initiated in 2020 and it suggests a holistic approach, emphasising prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship and palliative care while advocating for collaboration across various sectors, including governmental bodies, non-governmental organisations and healthcare professionals.

Supported by Bermuda’s Ministry of Health, the NCCP aligns with the Bermuda Health Strategy 2022-2027 vision of fostering “healthy people in healthy communities” and promoting equitable access to health services.

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