For the first three months of this year, Trinidad and Tobago’s Police Complaints Authority (PCA) closed 144 complaints against police officers,most of which were due to insufficient evidence of misconduct/ criminal conduct.

According to a statement from the PCA, among the list of investigations, the authority closed 95 matters because “there was insufficient evidence of a criminal conduct and/or misconduct, and/or the matter was not viable.”

The authority explained further that 19 complainants failed to communicate and follow up with the PCA investigators and 25 complainants “elected to discontinue with their matters.”

In addition, Trinidadian authority noted that no action was taken in one matter because the police officer who was the subject of the investigation was already before a disciplinary tribunal in a pending trial.

In another matter, the officer was already before the court in criminal proceedings.

Further, the PCA said in one matter investigations also revealed that the subjects of allegations made by some citizens were in fact, not police officers.

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