Trinidad and Tobago’s construction sector could soon be under heavy strain with cement prices expected to increase.

Trinidad Cement Limited’s (TCL) recently announced a price increase in cement effective February 19th.

Trinidad and Tobago Contractors Association (TTCA) president Glenn Mahabirsingh, who said the increase in price has come at a wrong time, said that this is the fourth increase in cement in just over two years.

According to Loop News, on Monday, TCL announced that the new price of the 42.5 kilogram bag of premium plus cement will increase from $53.81 to $57.38 VAT inclusive. The price of a 42.5 kg sack of eco cement will also increase from $49.10 to $52.88 VAT inclusive.

With these new prices, contractors as well as the Trinidadian public are expected to feel a pinch.

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