American politicians are being inundated with calls from TikTok users unhappy at plans to force its parent company to sell the social media app.

A bill that would mandate the sale within six months or see TikTok facing a ban was approved by a US congressional panel on Thursday.

Earlier, users of the app had received a notification urging them to act to “stop a TikTok shutdown.”

One Congressman said he had been contacted by children over the matter

According to the BBC, TikTok confirmed it had sent a notification urging TikTokers to “call your representative now” to urge them to vote against the measure.

The bill is expected to go to a full House floor vote next week.

It has been proposed by a cross-party group of 20 lawmakers who form the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party.

It was approved unanimously 50-0 on Thursday by the Energy and Commerce Committee. The Senate would need to approve it before it becomes law.

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