The St Kitts Water Services Department warned customers that service to their homes and businesses could be shut off if they do not take steps to conserve the vital resource.

The comment from the Water Department came as it confirmed that its reservoirs, which are completely dependent on rainfall, have only received 60 per cent of what is needed to supply the island with 24 hour service.

“As a result, we are facing severe water restrictions. A water-rationing schedule has been put in place whereby water will be closed off every evening around 8 pm until 5 am. Residents are therefore encouraged to store water to meet their needs during these interruptions in their supply,” the department said in a statement.

“All consumers are encouraged to check their premises for leaks and to have them repaired immediately. Consumers who fail to have their leaks repaired will be disconnected”.

The department said it is working to increase its water production to enable a 24-hour supply.

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