Rihanna has officially confirmed that she will be going on tour after she delivers new music.

She gave the confirmation during an interview where she said that “it’s only fair” that she gives fans what they want.

In October, UK-based publication The Mirror reported that Rihanna inked a $20+ million deal with Live Nation to facilitate this grand tour that the singer intends to launch.

The Mirror’s report stated that Rihanna has two albums worth of material to release.

During her end-of-year party to celebrate her Fenty Creeper Phatty Sneaker collection, Rihanna spoke to Entertainment Tonight briefly about her plans.

“Well we’re always gonna go back on tour,” the singer told the outlet. “I feel like, when there’s new music. We already know what that’s gonna be, with the songs that I’ve performed my last tour. That was a long time ago, I feel like it’s only fair that my fans get what they’ve been waiting on, which is new music. After that, lets just like, blow everything up.”

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