Nicki Minaj’s family life was disrupted earlier this month as pranksters caused the Los Angeles SWAT team and CPS to show up at her house after calls came in that her son, Papa Bear, was being abused and that her house was on fire.

According to TMZ, the Sheriff’s Department confirmed that it received calls that the rapper’s two-year-old son was being abused. Child Protective Services (CPS) received an anonymous tip that a child was being abused at Minaj’s house. More details about the call were not revealed.

Police officers responded to the tip as required and went to Minaj’s home around 6 pm last Monday, where they spoke to both Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Their son was also with his parents, but Police officers determined that the call was from a mischief-maker as the child was healthy and fine.

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