Grenada’s Carnival- Spicemas- has the reputation of being one of the safest Carnivals in the region and the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) wants to keep it that way as it has adopted a zero-tolerance approach as it relates to weapons. 

With Carnival 2022 upon Grenada, Assistant Commissioner of Police, John Mitchell says there will be a large show of the police force over the next four days. With zero tolerance in relation to weapons, ACP Mitchell is encouraging young men to leave their cutlass at home and not partake in violence.  

Meanwhile, Superintendent Vannie Curwen on the topic of weapons explained that the RGPF has zero tolerance for knives, cutlasses, and screwdrivers during this time and urges persons to leave these items home during Spicemas as if found with these items a person will be charged.  

Carnival patrons have also been warned that no open flames, fireworks, or noxious chemicals are to be used in or around events.  

With respect to children, the Royal Grenada Police Force is appealing to parents and custodians not to leave young and vulnerable children at home unsupervised. “This can result in fires, sexual offences and children missing.”  

The senior police officer says the RGPF also observed the growing trend during the last Carnival period when young children were attending adult events. The police force continues to ask parents not to allow young children to be involved in adult shows, with adult content and lyrics.  

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