Israel’s Opposition Leader has called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign following Hamas’ October 7th attack that claimed the lives of 1400 people.

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid called for a no-confidence vote in parliament that would allow for the formation of a new government led by another prime minister.

“Netanyahu should leave immediately … We need change, Netanyahu cannot remain prime minister,” Lapid said on Wednesday in an interview with an Israeli news channel.

Lapid accuses Netanyahu and the security apparatus under his leadership of an “unpardonable failure” for not preventing the October 7 attack.

Four days after Hamas’s surprise October 7 attack on Israel, Netanyahu and another opposition leader, Benny Gantz, announced an agreement to form an “emergency government” for the duration of the war, but Lapid refused to join.

This is the first time Lapid has called for Netanyahu to step down saying that the situation does not warrant early elections, rather the parties should opt for a national reconstruction with another prime minister from Netanyahu’s Likud party.

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