Shamima Begum, the British national who travelled to Syria as a schoolgirl to join ISIL (ISIS), has lost her latest appeal attempt to regain citizenship stripped by the United Kingdom.

The Court of Appeal ruled on Friday that Shamima Begum was lawfully deprived of her British citizenship.

The court said it could be argued that the decision to strip the 24-year-old of her citizenship may be “harsh” but it could also be argued that Begum is “the author of her own misfortune”.

“But it is not for this court to agree, or disagree with either point of view,” the ruling said.

Begum, born and raised in east London, left her home in Bethnal Green to travel to Syria and join the group.

She was accompanied by two other schoolgirls, Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase, with Sultana believed killed in an explosion and the fate of Abase remaining unknown.

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