ACCRA, GHANA - NOVEMBER 05: Ghanaians march during the ‘Ku Me Preko’ demonstration on November 5, 2022, in Accra, Ghana. People took to the streets of Ghana's capital to protest against the soaring cost of living, aggravated since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Photo by Ernest Ankomah/Getty Images)

Forty nine people have been arrested in Ghana as they protested high cost of living in the West African country.

The arrests took place in Ghana’s capital Accra on Thursday as protestors tried to storm Jubilee House, the seat of government.

Ghanaian police, according to eyewitnesses, physically assaulted the protesters who had gathered in their red and black attires to show anger over hardship in the West African country, Al Jazeera reports.

The protest was organised by Democracy Hub, a governance advocacy group which condemned the use of “brute force to thwart a peaceful protest”, according to a statement issued on Thursday.

Police spokesperson Juliana Obeng did not comment on the abuse but said they were picked up “in connection with an unlawful assembly”, citing a last-minute court process by the police to stop the planned demonstration.

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