Suriname’s President Chandrikapersad “Chan” Santokhi is calling on all nationals to put aside their differences, which he says “worries me seriously” and come together to deal with the socio-economic problems confronting Suriname. 

Santokhi, acknowledging that the Dutch-speaking CARICOM country is going through difficult times, urged citizens to have patience and confidence in his administration. 

“As the father of the country, I call on society to abandon any differences that may exist between individuals and groups, especially at this time, where I see a strong degree of polarization in my country. It seriously worries me,” Santokhi said in a message to mark the Holi festival, or Phagwa, a Hindu celebration. 

He said although the festival is rooted in Hindu tradition, it is one that is celebrated all over the world and in Suriname “we all celebrate this festival together, and it can no longer be ignored by all population groups.” He said.

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