Rapper Nicki Minaj has announced that she will be hosting her “Pink Friday 2” listening party in Kingston, Jamaica.

It’s all out excitement for the Trinidadian rapper who has a large Jamaican fanbase mainly due to her always paying her respects to the culture and promoting Jamaica to the world. With the coming release of Pink Friday 2, which is her fifth studio album, the excitement is at fever-pitch levels as the album’s release finally crawls around after several delays.

The party is called ‘Nicki Night Jamaica: Pink Friday 2’ and is being hosted by Jahvair Brown and Clever Life Experience. The promoters have previously hosted Nicki Night Jamaica in 2022 with a good reception.

In the meantime, the rapper is set to perform at Jingle Ball in Miami and Atlanta later this month, and fans might get a taste of the new music ahead of the tour. However, she will missed the Chicago show, but fans will get to see Lil Wayne performed in her spot.

Nicki Minaj has always loved Jamaican music and culture. You can often hear her using Jamaican slang in her Instagram Live sessions and in some of her songs.

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