Garbage collection across Barbados has been significantly impacted by a decrease in the number of working compactor trucks at the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA).

The country’s Minister of Environment Adrian Forde said that while the SSA was doing its best to address the issue, its progress has been impacted by the challenges in global supply chains.

During a press conference held on Tuesday at the Minister’s headquarters in Warrens, St Michaels, Forde, offered apologies to the public and explained that it was taking a long time for the shipment of parts ordered to reach the island.

He said, “There have been concerns raised in the public domain with the collection of garbage and I want to apologize on behalf of my ministry and the Government for any delays in collection that may have happened over the last couple of months or so.

The minister, who said that some vehicles in the current fleet are 20 years old, told reporters that seven new compactor trucks will be procured soon.

He said the Maria Holder Memorial Trust will bring in three trucks by February or March next year and the other four trucks will be ordered in the 2024 financial year.

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