A lawsuit has stated that doctors in an Ohio hospital propped up a dead patient in a ‘fake alive’ pose before she was seen by her family, even though she died during a routine surgery two hours earlier.

According to state media, the 65 year old unidentified woman was said to be in good health when she walked into Adena Health System for what should have been a routine catheterization.

The family of the deceased has claimed discrepancies between hospital records and the death certificate regarding her time of death.

Reports state that the woman’s medical records indicate a 1pm time of death, while the death certificate says 3:05pm, which is the time her family was brought into the room and was urged to take her off of life support.

Her family is demanding the truth behind what happened leading up to her death and why she had been propped up to look “fake alive” for her family when she had been declared dead two hours before.

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