The Government of Jamaica is exploring strategies to ease the overcrowding of the country’s jails.

This was announced by Jamaica’s Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Horace Chang, who said that the state is considering alternative solutions to manage low risk prisoners to tackle the overcrowding of lock-ups at local police stations.

In noting the challenges, Chang said while the Government has focused on other priorities, the issue is now gaining attention from the constabulary, the judiciary and senior police officers, and so, all stakeholders have to now focus their attention on solving the problem.

According to Loop News, the overcrowding of Jamaica’s police lock-ups has been a longstanding issue, which has seen police personnel, attorneys and civil society groups advocating for improvements to be made.

Persons held in lock-ups, too, have also detailed their experiences on social media and via the traditional media, during which they complain of cells being infested with cockroaches and other pests.

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