Roy DeFreitas has come out on top as the 2024 BMC Master after a thrilling showdown in the finals of the BMC Masters squash tournament. 

Defreitas battled against Paul Cyrus with each game fiercely contested, point for point. Showing remarkable composure, Defreitas maintained control throughout the match, securing a hard-fought victory with scores of 11-9, 11-9, 7-11, 11-9.  

Despite falling short in the end, Cyrus’s performance was nothing short of commendable, earning him a well-deserved second place in the tournament. 

Nicholas Boyea, displaying tremendous improvement, secured a commendable third-place finish. Boyea’s journey to the podium included impressive victories over Keith Boyea, Dominic Ross, and Loron Thomas. 

Keith Boyea came prepared to capture the fourth position over Dominic Ross, however, Ross failed to show up on time resulting in a walkover victory for Boyea. 

The SVG Squash Association extends gratitude to BMC Agencies Ltd for their sponsorship. 

With BMC Masters 2024 now concluded, we look forward Tus-T Water Junior National Squash Championships April 4-6.  

Taiwan National Day Celebration


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