The Canadian government has agreed to look into addressing the visa requirement for Grenadian citizens to enter Canada.

This was the highlight of a meeting between Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which took place on July 10th on the margins of the Toronto Global Forum, in which the Grenadian leader participated.

Prime Minister Mitchell expressed his concern with the cost and travel inconvenience for Grenadians who have to go to Trinidad for visa services to enter Canada, despite the contributions made to Canadian society.

According to Mitchell, it would be a good gesture, and in the spirit of fraternity for the Canadian government to ease the costs and hassle for Grenadian nationals to enter Canada.

According to Caribbean News Now, Prime Minister Harper suggested that if they cannot remove the visa restriction, then the government of Canada will consider appointing a representative to visit Grenada once or twice a month to provide visa and other consular services for nationals.

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