As Barbados’ tourist product faces fierce competition, the island’s largest tourism body wants the removal of several COVID-19 restrictions, specifically mask wearing.

Chairman of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), Renee Coppin made the call during the 70th Anniversary reception of the BHTA held under the theme Enhancing The Tourism Industry – Real Change at the Mount Gay Visitor Centre on Friday, September 16. 

“We would primarily ask that the mandatory mask mandate be removed and that masks only be mandatory in high-risk settings. We would also like that the distinctions between vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers come to an end. In the face of a barrage of external threats please give us the best chance to have our best winter,” the BHTA chairman said. 

Coppin pointed out that other islands in the region were speeding ahead with the removal of COVID-19 restrictions. She questioned Government’s decision to extend the Emergency Management Act and asking the question “When does this end?” 

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