Persons are being encouraged to comply with Western Union’s 2 pieces of identification policy, when collecting money from an agent location here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Recent revisions in August 2017 to anti money laundering and counter financing of terrorism laws have been made to align customer due diligence procedures, including customer identification procedures, undertaken by financial entities, with mandatory international standards and requirements.

These revisions require two pieces of identification to be presented by customers when transacting business with financial entities for the first time; one piece of identification for identification of the customer and the second piece for verification of identity.

However, many among the local populace have been voicing their outrage on social media about the introduction of this policy, which they say has gravely inconvenienced some, particularly elderly persons who are not in possession of two acceptable pieces of identification, as required by Western Union.

Shari Brown, Marketing and Network Development Manager for the Eastern Caribbean and BVI Islands of Grace Kennedy Money Services speaking this morning on WEFM’s Morning program apologized to customers for any inconvenience caused as a result of the introduction of this new regulation.

Ms. Brown explained that among the primary pieces of identification required for persons collecting money from the financial services company includes a national identification card, a passport and drivers licence.

Ms. Brown explained that the institution will utilize discretion in cases where a customer does not have two pieces of identification and may accept one piece.

She said that at present, Western Union is making changes to its system so that an account can be created for each customer which will eventually result in them only requiring one piece of identification for future transactions.



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