As the Government continues to look for an optimal space for mas bands to construct costumes, the option of utilizing pre-fabricated structures is being explored.

This is according to Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves during his appearance on WE FM’s Issue At Hand program on Sunday. Minister Gonsalves mentioned that a number of their usual costume building spots are no longer available to them, hence the need to find them a new location.

“We recognize that we have been taking away some of the small spaces that mas bands have been using historically. For example, this carnival nobody is going to be able to build costumes across the street from the ministry of agriculture because that is where the modern hall of justice is going to begin construction, that’s also in the budget,” he said.

The finance minister that the option of using prefabricated structures is being considered to facilitate the mas bands building activity.

“So we are trying to find an optimal space and we have been investigating the use of some pre-fab type buildings, some sort of steel frame type buildings that can be erected quickly to allow them a space,” he said. 

Minister Gonsalves said that the work to find a suitable place for mas bands will continue, with the hope that a common space can be found for all of them to create their art.

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