Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crimes Trevor Bailey has emphasized the importance of police communication with members of the public to the successful execution of their duties.

ACP Bailey on the Voices program aired on WE FM, noted that this communication goes a long way in aiding police investigations, and a lack of it serves as a hindrance.

“I say to officers when I use to command the South Central Division—that is Calliaqua, Stubbs, Biabou, Mespo district—that there is no how the police could go out and patrol and pass everybody on the block straight, not even good morning, for weeks, for months they’ve been doing this, and then on this day something happens; how could you go to the block now to ask a question about an incident that occurred? To them you are a stranger you’re not used to speaking to them, but because a crime happened you want to have a conversation, they will not engage you!” ACP Bailey said.

ACP Bailey noted that citizens play a major role in policing, and that if officers are complete strangers, it is not likely that they will receive their assistance in their investigations.

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