The Traffic Department of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is calling on operators of trucks transporting various types of materials to ensure that they are properly secured before travelling on the nation’s roads.

Police Constable 1040 Hunte during a call to WE FM’s Traffic Talk program made this appeal in his advice to these operators made mention of the law relevant to the matter and warned of the legal consequences.

“According to section six, subsection one—it states a person who transports in or on a motor vehicle or trailer along any motor way, road, street, and alley, any substance or material which is likely to fall off or blow off of that motor vehicle or trailer because while being so transported is either not sufficiently well secured or not securely covered is guilty of an offense,” he said.

PC 1040 Hunte appealed to these operators to ensure that the materials that are being transported on their vehicles are sufficiently secured because failure to do so will result in prosecution in accordance with the law.

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