Secondary Schools throughout the state will once again compete for a place in the finals of the Lions Club South/ Flow National Secondary School Public Speaking Competition.

The preliminaries will commence on Tuesday September 26th from 1:00 PM at the Frenches House in Kingstown.

Schools in Zone 1 are expected to face the judges on the topic. “Too many Vincentians view mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism as personal failure rather than medical condition.’’

On Wednesday at 1:30 PM at the same location Zone 2 , schools will speak on the topic “The practice of tokenism in respect of youth involvement women’s upliftment and poor people’s ennoblement has gotten in the way of meaningful change in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.’’

On Thursday schools in Zone 3 will address the topic “Artificial Intelligence (AI) development has brought with it several ethical dilemmas including a disruptive effect on the structure of the Labour market. In this sense AI can easily be a bridge too far”

Friday September 29th the final Zone 4 will address the topic. “The upsurge in interest in space is fast becoming a pre occupation of the rich and does absolutely nothing to improve human condition on earth.’’

Six finalists from the participating schools will be selected to meet at 7PM on the night of Tuesday 24th October at the Methodist Church hall in Kingstown.

Taiwan National Day Celebration


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