As the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force continues to encourage the public to work along with them in the fight against crime in SVG, Corporal Elroy Quammie gave the assurance that the police stands “ten toes down on confidentiality”.

Corporal Quammie, attached to the RSVGPF’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was at the time speaking on WE FM’s Cop Chat program, where he noted that if there was ever to be breach of the police force’s confidentiality from within, there are means and ways in which that can be reported.

“We stand ten toes down on confidentiality, because, again, we understand the importance of having a confidential space, because we as police are here to serve and protect and part of protecting is being able to keep your information as we understand what could happen as a result of sharing this type of sensitive information. So I want to say, from the departments that I would have worked at and from my understanding of general policing, and what the organization stands for, we stand strongly on confidentiality and if there may be a breach in the system, there are always means and ways that you can report that situation and we can get it done—dealt with as a matter of urgency,” Corporal Quammie said.

Corporal Quammie emphasized the importance of the police force’s relationship with the Vincentian public to the effective and efficient execution of their duties. He said that it is in the RSVGPF’s best interest to ensure that relationship remains strong.

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