The Public Relations and Complaints department of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police (RSVGPF) could become separated in the near future.

This is according to Assistant Commissioner of Police in Charge of Crimes Trevor Bailey.

ACP Bailey was at the time responding to the concerns of Voices program host, lawyer Jomo Thomas’ concerns that the same department responsible for police public relations also deals with citizen complaints.

“I am sure that in the not-too-distant future, efforts are being made to separate the offices, so public relations will separate from the complaints department. Because we share your concerns where persons are of the opinion that the police can’t be the investigators of themselves, people are of the opinion that nothing happens. I mean I hear the concern; I am not in total agreeance because I have known of cases where people complain that their rights were violated, they lodged they necessary complaint at the complaints department and persons were charged either criminally or disciplinary and convicted,” he said.

Mr. Bailey in addressing the concern of the host and the public, provided some insight into the police force’s internal disciplinary practices.

So, we have our own internal court system where officers—if you’re found guilty of any breach you could be fined up to $250, per charge, that is. So, let’s say you’re convicted on four counts, you could find yourself losing $1,000 from your salary,” Assistant Commissioner of Police in Charge of Crimes Trevor Bailey said, while speaking on the Voices program aired on Mondays on WE FM.

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