The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is expected to spend $12 million on housing for displaced persons.

Minister of National Mobilization Dr. Orando Brewster said the construction of the housing is set to begin this year, with 60 one-bedroom homes, 90 two-bedrooms expected to be constructed.

“For this year we have an allocation for 2024 of $12 million. This allocation of $12 million we want to construct sixty one-bedroom homes, we want to construct ninety two-bedroom homes, and we also have to purchase building material in order to help those that will need that little helping hand to get them to a complete stage because we know there are persons who have been trying on their own and we have to make sure that we extend the olive branch so that we can help them wherever we can,” Minister Brewster said.

Minister Brewster said from this fund of $12 million dollars, the Government also hopes to execute 95 repairs nationwide.

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