With the formal launch of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) at the Modern Medical Diagnostic Centre in Georgetown set to take place later this month, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves during a recent appearance on NBC Radio provided an update on the progress being made.

He said though the target date for a formal launch is June 29th, the first MRI patients are not expected receive the service until the end of July, due to necessary training needing to take place.

“It would be another three weeks or so towards the end of July, that we will have the first set of patients, because there is a lot of training which has to be done in respect of many dimensions of it.

But where are we at the moment; I’ve been advised that by the 25th of this month, the helium inside of the MRI which is absolutely necessary for its proper functioning has to be topped up and that arrives on the 25th of this month. Also there are some specialized tools to operate the machine, they’re coming in also on the 25th of this month,” he said.

Preparation for the MRI machine began in 2022 and the arrival of the housing module in December 2022.  The machine itself cost in excess of US $5 million.  

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