Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for the North Central Windward Constituency Dr. Ralph Gonsalves recently discussed the developmental work that is currently taking place in Georgetown.

The Prime Minister made mention of million-dollar projects such as the construction of state of the market and extensive internal road work that are being executed.

“Up in Georgetown, Benarva in her ministry, she is building a 1.3/1.4 million dollar market and then the KCCU is building in Georgetown. We sell them a piece of land there which we have near to where we did the sea defense in Georgetown to put up a headquarters in the rural areas up in the northeast and at the moment we’re doing about four million dollars worth of roads, internal roads in the back of Georgetown out of the same 125 million dollar loan which we borrowed from the Taiwanese at a good rate of interest too.”

The Prime Minister discusses projects taking place in Georgetown.

The Prime Minister at the time was speaking on the groundbreaking ceremony for the $3 million multi-use centre located in North Central Winward community of Park Hill.

The centre, which will be constructed near the Park Hill Playing field, is a gift from the government and people of Taiwan, through the efforts of that country’s ambassador to St Vincent and the Grenadines, Fiona Fan.

Taiwan National Day Celebration


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