Leader of the Opposition and President of the New Democratic Party, Dr Godwin Friday and Member of Parliament Senator Shevern John have travelled to the United Kingdom this week to take part in an international conference promoting women’s participation in politics.

Dr Friday will return on Friday February 23rd and Senator John a few days later.

Speaking ahead of the conference, Senator Shevern John said that she is pleased to have been invited to participate in the conference which focuses on the crucial issue. She said that more needs to be done to bring more women into the political process.

Senator John said that this is an opportunity to discuss how greater involvement for women at every level of politics can be encouraged and ensure that political parties seek out the best practices to encourage and support women. NDP President Dr Godwin Friday said that he welcomes the opportunity to participate in this important event to learn from and share experiences with other parties from around the world. He said that he believes that this is an important issue and is pleased to take part in the conference and look forward to the discussion and debate.

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