Opposition leader Dr. Godwin Friday has given the assurance that programs such as the Youth Employment Service (YES) program and home-care for the elderly will be maintained if his party the New Democratic Party (NDP) takes office.

Dr. Friday, speaking on the NDP sponsored New Times program, dismissed rumors of the contrary, where he said that his party has instead been looking at ways those programs can be extended.

Acknowledging that the NDP has been critical of the YES program in the past the Opposition leader credited the program as a good way for the youth of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to get into the world of work.

The New Democratic Party in recent times has been making a push for the nation’s youth with moves such as the signing of the youth pledge, which they say affirms that by the end of their first term in government, every young person will have the opportunity to be employed.

They also recently held a “Hope For Youth” rally which the party has deemed a success. The rally saw performances from local artistes as well as from the region, and saw addresses from a diverse range of speakers.

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