Nurses in St. Vincent and Grenadines assigned ambulance duties are adequately covered in the event of an accident.

This is according to Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment St. Clair ‘Jimmy’ Prince during the house of assembly on Tuesday.

Minister Prince noted that while the nurses on ambulance duties are not covered under insurance provided by the Government, they are covered under the comprehensive insurance policy of the ambulance.

 “While there isn’t any insurance policy provided by the Government that speaks directly to nurses who are on ambulance duties, we can safely say that they are being covered under the comprehensive insurance police the ambulance is covered under. For example the insurance company will compensate everybody, including nurses, on the ambulance, including all damage incurred as a result of any accident caused by the ambulance; personal injury to the nurses, among others, cost of repair of all vehicles involved, as well as the repair cost of any buildings or utilities that are damaged because of the accident,” the Health Minister said.

Minister Prince said that the Government usually takes full responsibility and will compensate the nurses amongst other expenses incurred as a result of any accident caused by the ambulance.   

Minister Prince noted that while nurses are not covered by insurance, nurses fall within the category of persons, who, under section 13a of the Medical Officers Act, are provided free services at the hospital.

He also pointed out that nurses in the employment of the Government are public officers, and in accordance with the Government’s policy, where a nurse is injured on duty, the Government through its internal procedures will make the necessary arrangement for costs associated with injury.

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