Motorists of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are being urged to cease the misuse of demonstrations, also known as D-Plates.

This comes from Assistant Superintendant of Police (ASP) Parnel Browne while speaking on WE FM’s Cop Chat program.

He noted that these plates are for use by dealers of motor vehicles, and should not be used on vehicles that have already been registered.

“This is a practice that you must stop immediately, because the demonstration plate is not to be used for that purpose. It is a dealers plate—the dealer of motor vehicles they are extended the courtesy from the license authority because of the nature of their business where they can move their vehicle from point A to point B, or from the wharf to their business and also for the purpose of someone who is going to buy a motor vehicle” he said.

ASP Browne said that dealers have to be responsible with their D plates and warned that they should not lent out to just anyone, saying that the owner of the plate should be the only one using it.

He noted that there are several charged that will be brought against anyone that is caught misusing the demonstration plates.

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