For this year’s Miss SVG pageant, the Beauty Shows Committee has merged with the General Employees’ Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU) to launch the first ever GECCU MISS SVG Community Service Project.

Miss Lotto, Jada Ross, who was sashed Miss Lotto in June concentrated on ‘Community Beautification’. The Prospect resident who placed her constituency of East St. George at the centre of her project entitled, ‘1000 Acts of Kindness’, launched her outreach on Monday 12th September.

Last Monday and Tuesday, Miss Lotto embarked on a tree-planting exercise at the four primary schools in East St. George. During these two days, a total of 250 fruit trees were planted. In addition to planting trees, Jada also donated fruit trees to the staff and students of the school to encourage them to save the planet and show love to the environment.

Miss Lotto tree-planting exercise

“The idea for this project was spawned by the $1000 contribution by GECCU”. Miss Lotto, Jada Ross said, referring to the inspiration for the 1000 acts of kindness project.

Later that week, Miss Lotto returned to those East St. George schools to distribute book vouchers to the students, and tokens to the teachers, specifically targeting students at the beginner levels in an effort to enhance their literacy skills.

Miss Lotto with children

Through Jada’s ‘1000 Acts of Kindness’ project, each student in the East St. George community in Kindergarten, Grades One and Grade Two, a total of 357 students, will receive one story book. These books will be delivered and presented to all students during the course of this week.

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