Vincentians are being urged to support this year’s Nine Mornings Festival.

This comes from Chairman of the National Nine Morning’s Festival Orande Bomani Charles who was speaking at the official launch of nine mornings on Sunday at Heritage square.

The Chairman is encouraging persons to attend the nine morning’s activities in the various communities.

“Nine mornings will be here for you to enjoy, it is the most unique Christmas festival on earth, let us embrace it! Let us cherish it! Let us support it! We encourage all of you  to venture out into the various communities and support the efforts of those committees doing hard work. Thank them for their dedication,” Charles said.

Mr. Charles thanked the nine morning’s committee for their hard work putting together the festival.

Activities for nine mornings are expected to run from December 16th to 24th with the theme “We Christmas again”.

Orande Bomani Charles calls on Vincentians to embrace Nine Mornings Festival.
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