The Government of Jamaica has presented a Budget of 803 billion dollars for the 2019/2020 Fiscal Year.  731 billion allocated for recurrent expenses and 72 billion for Capital projects.

The Ministry of Finance and the Public Service has been allocated the largest sum, with $385.6 billion for Recurrent expenses and $5.7 billion for Capital expenditure, while the Ministry of Education gets the second largest amount with $109.4 billion for recurrent expenses and $1.2 billion for Capital spending.

The Ministry of Health has been allocated $69 billion for Recurrent expenses and $3.7 billion for Capital projects, while the Ministry of National Security has received $72.4 billion for recurrent expenditure and $20.2 billion for Capital projects.

For the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, $10.9 billion has been allocated for Recurrent and 18 billion dollars for Capital; Ministry of Justice, $8.5 billion for Recurrent and $1.7 billion for Capital; and Office of the Prime Minister, $9.1 billion – Recurrent, and $7.9 billion -Capital.

When the Second Supplementary Estimates was tabled in the House on January 15, it showed that the Government intends to spend $802.56 billion to March 31, the end of the 2018/2019 fiscal year.



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