The concern for the alienation of certain sections of Vincentian society as a result of the digitization of the nation’s economy is misplaced.

This is the belief Invest SVG’s Chairman of the Board Anthony Regisford during the Everything Vincy Plus Expo media briefing this week.

Mr. Regisford, during his address used the adoption of cellphones locally as an example of why certain parts of society should not be underestimated when thinking of advancement.

“This excuse that we use, that we run the risk of alienating people if we move too aggressively to these digital platforms, I don’t buy it. What’s the penetration of smartphones? You know Cable and Wireless made a huge mistake when cellphones just came into being; they made the assumption that cell phones were a luxury item and so they targeted a particular bracket of people and in came Digicel and proved them wrong, you know, momentum was gained at the grassroots” he said.

Mr. Regisford said that there is risk of that mistake being repeated by thinking that persons at the grassroots will not be adopters of digitization.

He called on all not to not make this mistake when it comes to the adoption, noting that those at the grassroots might actually more likely to adopt the new standard.

“We’re going to make the mistake to think that people will never use digital money, they will never accept payment by phone, a market vendor would never do that—they’re the ones who are going to do it! Trust me!” he said.

He also emphasized the importance of the digital transactions in relation to the upcoming Everything Vincy Plus Expo, saying this digitization will make for much smoother trade at events such this.

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