The construction of a new community centre is being held up by the illegal placement of heavy equipment at the centre’s planned location.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves disclosed this while speaking on WEFM’s Issue at Hand program on Sunday.

The Prime Minister said warnings have been given to the owner of the equipment to have them moved but no apparent effort has been to do so, leading to instructions being given to be moved.

“Where we are supposed to build the community centre—the feller has heavy duty equipment on Government land and I have given the instructions to get the equipment—people give them notice to move, they’re not moving, get the crane, move them, take them to Rabacca and inform him that they are at Rabacca. Because he is stopping, selfishly stopping a community centre from being built there, that is wrong!” he said.

Prime Minister Gonsalves went on to appeal to the relevant authorities to make the necessary moves made to have the equipment removed so that the construction of community centre can commence.

“And I’m saying to the physical planning authorities, I’m saying to the office of the chief surveyor, I’m saying to the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Works and the Chief Engineer…move those things and rent the equipment from Rudy or whoever. They tell me that some of the people don’t want to rent their equipment to go and move things, well something has to be done,” the Prime Minister said. 

The Prime Minister said the situation is especially egregious due to the fact that the community centre has been budgeted for two years, with the only hold up being the placement of illegal heavy equipment.

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