Drivers distracted by their phones and other things while on the roads of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are a serious and very dangerous problem.

Assistant Superintendant of Police Parnel Browne during an appearance on WE FM’s Cop Chat program highlighted this issue, making mention of examples such as persons looking for things on the floor of the vehicle as well as trying to control loose children that should be secured properly in the vehicle.

“Most of the time when I am crossing on a pedestrian crossing I face the vehicles that are approaching me, especially if the traffic is coming from one direction, because sometimes these motorists are paying attention to their phones, they are taking up something from off the ground, they have their child loose in the car and they are trying to tell the child behave; that is another serious problem that we are having with motorists. I have seen where parents are having their child just literally loose between the driver seat and the passenger seat while two persons—the driver and passenger—are occupying the front seats, it is dangerous!,” he said.

ASP Browne appealed to SVG’s motorists to be more attentive during their time on the road as to avoid serious incidents taking place, which could have otherwise been avoided.

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