Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

Representatives from the Carnival Bands Association are making the case for a license fee to be introduced for promoters to pay.

This is according to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves earlier this while speaking on NBC radio. He said that the association had made the point that fee will aid in the funding of different components of SVG’s Carnival.

“The representatives from the Carnival Bands Association considered that if the Carnival promoters–who have their various fetes, independent of the CDC—that they were of the view that these promoters are feeding off the other components of Carnival and the Carnival itself and they are putting back little into it, and they’re making the case for a license fee for those promoters to pay so that the components of Carnival could get more money, of course the promoters are not going to like that sort of discussion. It’s a persuasive argument and I have sympathy for it” The Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Gonsalves said that while he has sympathy with Carnival Band Associations case, a meeting will need to be held with local promoters, as well consultations with the Ministry of Finance, before any concrete decision is made.

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